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  1. Beam allows transactions that cannot be traced within the platform. A special algorithm allows the process to be divided into several parts. In this way, the transactions are carried out transparently, and can not be strictly monitored.
  2. Developed through the Blockchain system, Beam is decentralized. This decentralized structure makes it easier for people to conduct anonymous business transactions.
  3. Beam aims to make faster payment transactions through smart contracts. Beam, which generates and trades on smart contracts, minimizes the block building time.
  4. Beam Wallets are available to Beam owners. In this sense, it is very important to choose the one that will work for you among the numerous wallet applications. You can trade through Beam wallets on all platforms that accept Beam.
  5. The Beam system also aims to provide users with a scalable solution. The scaling operations will help different blockchain systems to be used interrelated.
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The conversion rate for Beam to USD is $ 0.756341. It has a present circulating supply of 54.2 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of $35,181,488. Beam price reached the highest value on 28 January 2019, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 3.20.

What Is Beam Coin ?

We are with you with the review of Beam, which has not heard of its name in the crypto community lately and whose name is constantly juxtaposed with Grin. Before we start explaining Beam, let's mention that it is necessary to know Grin. Because Mimblewimble, the protocol used by Grin and Beam, is the same and it is necessary to know to Grin well since the two are often compared with each other. We have indicated that Beam coin has used the Mimblewimble protocol. Therefore, Beam coin is also one of the best solutions in terms of scalability and confidentiality. The first of Beam coin’s main features and differences is by the used the software language it uses.The Beam is written in C ++, an ancient and traditional language that has been used since the 1980s. The second main feature and difference are that the privacy feature in Beam is changeable.

Advantages Of Beam Coin

The Beam currency is the first coin based on the MimbleWimble protocol. The purpose of the project is to create the most scalable blockchain with high-quality transaction anonymity. The Beam token is a fair sample of how the idea of improving an existing product evolves into something new and unique.

The Beam is a blockchain-based platform that gives users complete control over their privacy, where all transactions are private by default and other private information or no addresses are stored on the blockchain. Besides the platform has outstanding scalability because compact blockchain size supports offline and online transactions, atomic swap, hardware wallets integration.

Beam is open-source digital currency running on the Mimblewimble blockchain. The Beam advancement group tries to make another protection improved option in contrast to the first Bitcoin blockchain with an easy to understand approach and a startup mentality. Pillar was the principal digital money under the Mimblewimble convention and later pursued by the Grin coin. Keep reading to explore what is Beam and how it works.

What is Beam?

  1. Beam is set up on an extra innovation known as Dandelion. The innovation has its emphasis on clouding system traffic movement through randomizing the pathways utilized by exchanges to get scattered on a blockchain as a method for improving security. In the up and coming advancements, Beam wallets will set up a discretionary element of straightforwardness. This component will empower clients to choose for themselves which data will be accessible and to which parties. 
  2. The possibility of Mimblewimble blockchain first showed up in 2016. This convention looks to offer an elective method for developing installments with the ultimate objective of having upgraded security and proficiency. To put it plainly, the system needs to make installments private and untraceable. The convention is a blend of Confidential Transactions (CTs) and Pedersen Commitments. Besides, note that CTs are mind boggling, in contrast to other cryptographic installments. 
  3. The intricacy emerges from the required evidences for each exchange. Notwithstanding, Mimblewimble looks to kill the complexities related with CTs by expelling the scripting conduct. This strategy can bargain security and protection and Mimblewimble tackles this test by joining the blinding elements and sham yields to have an upgraded security and protection level of the CT. Moreover, the convention utilizes an exchange total technique that guarantees less information on exchange history is put away on the blockchain. 
  4. The diminished history information contains square headers, framework state, and the yield marks of the 'fake yields.' However, extra testing is as yet in progress to guarantee the legitimacy of this innovation. 
  5. The Beam convention is coded in C++. Beam considers itself to be a classified store of significant worth coin with a fixed issuance plan similar to bitcoin. Furthermore, Beam licenses non-intelligent disconnected exchanges through the safe BBS framework. The Beam improvement group is taking a shot at different redesigns of the convention. In the coming overhauls, the group will set up nuclear swaps with Bitcoin, equipment wallet, portable wallet, helping system PoC and BTCPay Server combination. The convention is set to have a reasonable cathode, a mining calculation hard fork, portable wallet, web wallet with multisig support. 

How to Buy Beam?

To buy Beam, you can go different coin markets. For instance, it is recorded on Binance, DragonEX,, BitForex and so forth.

In business, it is possible to follow transactions faster and pay less for the follow-up process. Are you ready to meet a new cryptocurrency platform whose software has been completed using the advanced protocol called Mimblewimble? The Mimblewimble protocol is one of the most commonly used protocols in the Blockchain world. Because this protocol allows different transactions to be performed with high confidentiality. Within this scope, studies were started on the production of a cryptocurrency to be used within the protocol. Beam was offered as cryptocurrency to be used in the protocol. For more detailed answers to what is Beam, please read the rest of our article.

How To Buy Beam?

So, you may wonder how to buy Beam. In order to invest in Beam, you can go to the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Huobi or Binance.